IDS View Station


View your ID Pictures and Records without having to purchase a second ID Software license.

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IDs View Station is the simple way to view images of employees or members at a glance.  

Who uses IDs View?

  • Guard stations for verifying employee identification,
  • Fitness clubs for checking member status,
  • Management to match faces with a persons name.

How IDs View works:

IDs View Station lets the user to view a persons picture and selected data, but not edit it.  The user sees the persons photo and only the fields that the administrator authorizes.  (Sensitive data is kept private.)

To look-up a person the user either swipes the persons ID or searches the database by name or ID.  If more than one match is found a spreadsheet is displayed of all the matches allowing the user to select the correct one.

Why is IDs View needed?

Most photo ID software save the pictures in a field in the database instead of as an external file (.jpg, .bmp, etc.).  The advantage in saving the picture this way is that the pictures are more secure and easier to protect.  The disadvantage is that to view the image you need a special software (usually supplied by the ID software at a substantial additional cost.)  This is where IDs View Station comes in handy -- IDs View Station  is the economical solution to viewing your photos.

IDs View Station works with most major ID Software:

  > EpiSuite
  > Jolly ID Flow
  > HID Asure ID
  > LexID
  > ID Maker Pro
  > DataCard  ID Works
  > and many others. 

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