Metal Tag Style 13


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Metal Tag: Rectangular with rounded ends

Width: 3.15"
Height: 1.57"
Qty per Box: 1000

For material, thicknesses, finishes, and hole options see the list below.

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This tag comes in a variety of  materials, thicknesses, and colors. Other options are available upon request.


Mill Finish:
 * Thicknesses: .016", .025"
 * Colors: Aluminum
Clear Anodized:
 * Thickness: .16", .032"
 * Colors: Aluminum

Thicknesses: .016", .020", .032"
Colors: Black, Blue Brown, Green, Lt..Blue, Red, Orange, Violet, Yellow

Thicknesses: .020"
Colors: Black (on one side only)

Thicknesses: (.012", .014" dull finish only), (.015" bright or dull finish)"
Colors: Metal
Finish: Bright Steel, Dull Steel

Thicknesses: .015""
Colors: Metal
Finish: Bright Steel

Thicknesses: .015""
Colors: Metal
Finish: Dull

Thicknesses: .015""
Colors: Metal
Finish: Dull

Thicknesses: .015""
Colors: Brass


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Metal Tags Brochure

(Full listing of metal tag options. Sizes, Shapes, Materials, Colors, and Thicknesses.)

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