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Portable Automatic Dogtag / Metal Plate Embosser.  Low to Medium Volume.

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The CIM MDT500HE dogtag embosser was designed with the military in mind.  Fully automatic and capable of producing 135 dogtags and medical alert tags per hour.  With a carrying handle and switchable hoppers, this light weight unit is ready to move to where it is needed

  • Built-in standard keyboard for quick set-up and operation (no need to worry about external keyboard and connector)
  • Linux based CPU, multi-language support & high resolution LCD display
  • Interchangeable cassettes for easy switch between medical alert and dog tags
  • Auto switching power supply (110V-240V)
  • RS232 serial interface
  • Easily create jobs away from the machine from a CSV file loaded on a USB flash drive. Optional Blade software is available.
  • Light weight – ONLY 50 lbs. with a sturdy case and easy to carry built in handle. The unit is truly portable.

Custom skins are available on request.


Part Number

Model Description

ZM08707Compact and portable automatic feed dog tag embosser equipped with serial and USB ports.  Complete with two magazines for easy switch-over between standard dog tags and oversized medical alert tags.  Auto sensing power supply (100V - 240V).  
Type sets must be specified.

 Type Sets

U1011071Deboss - Dog-Tag (328) - 0.12" (alphanumeric) 50 Characters
U1011072Emboss - Simplex 2 (350) - 0.12" (alphanumeric) 50 Characters
U1011073Emboss - OCR-7B (345) - 0.16" (numeric) 50 Characters
U1011074Emboss - Blocco USA (490) - 0.16" (alphanumeric) 50 Characters
U1011070Emboss - Blocco 5mm (488) - 0.20" (alphanumeric) 50 Characters



P8011084Software - Blade Serial -  includes serial cable.
N8411087Software - Blade USB

Spare Part Kit


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MDT500HE Brochure

(CIM MDT500HE Specifications and Options.)

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