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CIM Embosser ME2000


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CIM Heavy Duty, Fully Automatic, Metal Plate Embosser.

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The CIM ME2000 is a heavy duty metal plate embosser designed for tough use.  This fully automatic embosser has adjustable hoppers which can feed various tags sizes and materials (including stainless steel)

Features Include:

  • Adjustable auto-feed input hopper - (It can hold up to to 300 tags)
  • Multiple tag sizes and ticknesses.  Tag sizes  as small as .8"h x 1.18w and as large as 3.5"h x 4.5"w. 
  • FIFO or side eject output hopper.
  • Low tag indicator on input hopper.
  • Output hopper full indicator (only in units equiped with the FIFO output stacker.)
  • Emergency stop safety kill button.
  • Heavy duty drive motor.
  • Print speed is aproximately 325 tags per hour (45 characters each.)
  • One serial communication port.
  • PC style keyboard.
  • 10 characters per inch font is standard.  (various other sizes are available as options including 0.16 and 0.20 tall characters sets.)
  • Sword Software is included standard.
  • 2D barcode printing is an option.

Commonly used by the military for personalizing dogtags and by shipyards for making cabletags.




Part Number

Model Description



Standard features incuded in all models are:

  • Auto Feed with Adjustable Input Hopper.
  • LCD Editing Display
  • Keyboard
  • 117VAC
  •  and the SWORD software.
ZM08703Standard unit.
ZM08704Includes an Extended LCD Editing Display.
ZM08902Includes the 2D Data Matrix Barcode embossing Option (with special software for 2d Data Matrix barcode management and 3 special fonts).  
Extended LCD Editing Display
ZM08906Includes the 2D Data Matrix Barcode embossing Option (with special software for 2d Data Matrix barcode management and 3 special fonts.)
Also includes the
2d Data Matrix verification and image capture station.   
Extended LCD Editing Display.

 Outputs - Must be specified

U1004094Elevator FIFO output stacker (adjustable to varying plate sizes)
U1005359Side eject output


 Drums - Must be specified

  ▼Standard Drum Size
U2H0215860 slot drum
  ▼Optional Drum Size
U2H0215990 slot drum


 Jaws and Motor  - Must be specified

  ▼Standard jaws/motor 
U1005362Embossing jaws / motor for steel
  ▼Optional jaws / motors
U1005364Embossing jaws / motor for steel Double Blocco (511N/611N)
U1005365Embossing jaws / motor for steel Maxi Blocco
U1005367Indenting jaws / motor for steel
U1005368Indenting jaws / motor for steel Double Blocco
U1005369Indenting jaws / motor for steel Maxi Blocco

 Type Sets - Must be specified

CSETPU072Deboss - Dog-Tag (328) - 0.12" (alphanumeric)
CSETPU031Emboss - Simplex 2 (350) - 0.12" (alphanumeric)
CSETPU042Emboss - OCR-7B (345) - 0.16" (numeric)
CSETPU054Emboss - Blocco USA (490) - 0.16" (alphanumeric)
CSETPU057Emboss - Blocco 5mm (488) - 0.20" (alphanumeric)
CSETPU014Indent - Type 1 - 0.04" (alphanumeric)
CSETPU016Indent - Simplex 1 (111) - 0.08" (alphanumeric)
CSETPU029Indent - Simplex 2 (350) - 0.12" (alphanumeric)
CSETPU034Indent - Simplex 2 (489) - 0.16" (alphanumeric)


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